Taken with Instagram

…a girl tells you she’s not prude.”

…you realize you can’t feel that lucky about finding $20, considering you were livid about losing the same $20 earlier in the day by your own fault.”

…your crush asks you out to eat, only to be third-wheeled by one of their friends from elementary school.”

…all of your roommates fly across the country for spring break, while you drive home.”

…your current roommates are talking about getting a new apartment for next year and magically ask you to join when you make eye contact with one of them.”

…you walk back into a classroom after using the restroom and you feel as if everyone is looking right at you as you make your way back to your seat which seems a mile away.”

…you submit a funny photo to a website, and it is promptly removed an hour later.”

…you want to get back to school because your Christmas break is boring you like you never thought it could.”

…the girl you were texting to hang out cancels the plans that were about to be made, and another girl you have a crush on logs off of Facebook in the middle of a chat… all within 30 seconds.”

…someone offers to buy you an ice cream cone, but they have to drive 10 minutes to get it to you.”

…the question you take the most time with on one of your finals is the picture at the end of the test that is available to color for 1 point of extra credit.”

…people appear as if they are talking to themselves on a comment thread because everyone else deleted their comments.”

…you see a bunch of posts on Tumblr about doing homework/not doing homework, when you have a considerable amount of your own to do.”

…at a holiday dinner, you walk back into the kitchen to get more food when another relative is in there doing the same, say something awkward, and realize after they leave that you will see this person again in less than a minute.”